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Planning a 4 Year Old Party

March 3, 2010 by Jackie  
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Hanna’s birthday is coming up in a couple months. I wouldn’t normally even start thinking about planning it yet, but a friend of mine has this awesome site about kids theme parties. I was over there yesterday and got to thinking. I enjoy Hanna’s birthday but there are a few places where birthdays, especially kids birthdays get completely out of balance. I’m thinking if I’m going to stay in balance I’m going to have to think about this birthday more than a week ahead of time. ;)

Hanna at her 3rd birthday party

Hanna at her 3rd birthday party


When I sent Hanna to school this year one of my biggest questions was about the food she’d be eating. (since she has two meals a day at school). I was assured they were nutritious meals planned by a nutritionist. Well… that’s completely debateable and it’s easy to see my “healthy” is not exactly her “healthy”. Anyway… what they didn’t tell me was that even though her class only has 17 kids in it there will somehow be a birthday every single day of the week. There will be a party for said birthday and it will include some crazy colored icing on a cupcake that will stain her face for the rest of the day.

So… wanting to be part of the solution I started thinking about different things we could do for her school party instead of cupcakes or sweets. My friend Elsie who runs the kid party site helped me come up with a few ideas including a sesame seed bar (if I want to still serve food). I also had in mind giving out little paper cups with plant seeds in them. That way they would have a gift that would keep on growing/giving. I would love some non sugar ideas for school if you have them!


Hanna is an only child. I know she’s a little spoiled, but it mostly comes from people other than my husband and myself. (her grandma!). She has so many toys and things she doesn’t play with now it seems insane to have people bring her even more things.

Yes, we cull toys and give to charity before big holidays but the thing is… she doesn’t even usually end up playing with all the things she gets anyway. I was talking to a friend on the phone this morning and she told me a great idea to deal with this situation.

Have each guest of the party bring 2 one dollar bills. The birthday girl gets one. A charity gets the other. This way she feels special and she gets to give to others. With her money she could then go get something she’s really had her eye on that she really wants.

Now I know my mom is going to FREAK about this. She LOVES LOVES LOVES buying stuff for Hanna. But I think it’s a great idea and I’m going to broach the subject with her ahead of time to give her some time to prepare herself mentally lol.

Games and Party Stuff

I love a good birthday party. I don’t so much like hunting and digging through the internet to come up with fun games and party ideas. This is where Elsie came in as well. She’s going to create a “party pack” for me. She’s going to do all the research on games, invitations, fun stuff to do and send me all the directions. I enjoy the doing of the party stuff, I’m just not very creative in that way and don’t like hunting it all down. This is going to be great. If you want a party pack Elsie rocks at finding great ideas for all different kinds of party themes.

She’s hooking me up with this recipe for homemade paper with flower seeds in it. You can plant your invitation when you’re done instead of throwing it in the trash ~ how cool is that!!

With Elsie’s help I’m going to be able to focus on the things I enjoy, not do the things I don’t enjoy. I’m going to be able to stick with the things I value and not give into the things I don’t! I think I’m taking a big step toward keeping this whole party balanced!

You have any ideas for not going overboard on kidsĀ  birthday parties? I’d love to hear them. If you stop by and say hi to Elsie tell her I sent you and said hi!

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