5 Easy Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals

You probably have some kind of fitness goal as part of your new year’s resolution… a lot of people do. However, most of our New Year’s resolutions don’t last past February. Sad, but true. Here’s some tips to help you keep moving forward with your goal, and actually accomplish it, instead of letting it fizzle out come February.

1. Don’t set a weight goal. 

When you start to work out your body can change in so many ways, and one of them may NOT be on the scale. If you only set a goal to lose X number of pounds,  your body may change, you may lose inches, you may lose pant sizes, but you’ll feel like you didn’t accomplish your goal because the scale didn’t reflect the work you did.

For my first 90 day challenge I set a weight goal, and by day 60 I had lost quite a few inches, but only a few pounds. I started to get bummed out, but realized having to shop for a whole new wardrobe because none of my pants fit anymore was a way BETTER accomplishment!!

Set a goal for a certain size pants, or to be able to do a certain number of pushups or pullups or burpees… something that really shows how far you’ve come.

2. Set a goal to accomplish a specific task.

A few years ago I got pretty excited about doing Bike Across Kansas, yes, it’s an almost 500 mile ride from Colorado to Missouri across the state of Kansas. Life got in the way and my goal of doing BAK kind of fell by the wayside… however, now my kiddo is a little older and I’ve decided this is the year. So one of my goals is to be in good enough shape, on the bike and off to do BAK in June.

Now you don’t have to go crazy and ride 500 miles ~ but what about finding a 5K or a half marathon or heck a whole marathon to participate in?! Find one now, register ahead of time so you’ve already paid your entry fee. This will help you stay motivated to keep training for the event.

3. Create a support system

It’s been shown that having supportive people around you infinitely increases your chances of reaching your goal. It provides you not only rah rah, but accountability. So find a friend, or two or three to embark on this fitness journey with you. Your goals may be different… and that’s ok, as long as you both have the desire to get fit you can find ways to work together, and keep each other moving forward.

4. Food makes a huge difference

No matter what fitness goal you have what you put in your body counts. If you’re not feeding your body in the best way you can you’re only making it that much tougher to reach your goals. You can not work out a bad diet. No amount of exercise is going to get you past a bad diet… so start small if you need to, but start doing better with your diet. If you don’t have a ton of will power or knowledge, get the help of a system ~ I use a 1 or 2 meal replacement a day system and it’s worked fantastically for me. I don’t have to think so much about breakfast and lunch, and I know my body is getting just what it needs to help me reach my goals. I also get to eat dinner with my family, and enjoy that time together.

5. Find something that speaks to you

I will be the first to say I’m awful when it comes to exercise. I don’t particularly like it, I don’t enjoy it, and I’d just rather not do it. :P I’ve tried videos, the gym, programs, just about anything you can think of, I’ve tried it. Here’s what I’ve found.

1. I love to ride my bike, and so I do.

2. I love short burst interval workouts. They’re fierce, then they’re over. Lickety split. Hard work. Done. So I do them.

The key to maintaining your fitness over the long term is to find something you enjoy doing, something that you like, something that  you feel good about. This is especially true if you’re like me and don’t really like exercise. :) Once you find something you like to do, it’s easier to stick with it. So… if you’ve tried just about everything you can think of, leave them behind and try something you’ve never tried before. It may take some doing to find just the right thing for you, but if you keep at it, you will, and it will make all the difference in the world.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to help you reach your fitness goals. I’d love to hear your tips! Share them in the comments or better yet, stop by the Facebook community and share there!

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  1. I think that the first piece of advice is the best. “Don’t set a weight goal”. Too often people set a goal for an amount of weight they want to lose then are disappointed when the scale says they gained a pound after a week of increased exercise. What people often fail to realize is that muscle weighs more than fat and that sometimes the increased muscle tone results in increased weight even though they had begun their new routine to “lose weight”. The ultimate goal is to be healthier not lighter. Good advice.
    Scott @ Personal Training Certification´s last [type] ..How Much Do Personal Trainers Make?

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