52 Easy Ways You Can Make a Difference


Happy Earth Day!!

With balance in mind I’ve been working on some things to help move us toward a more sustainable existence. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING today ~ but why not do something every day? Here’s some ideas to get you started.

1. Turn an old t shirt with stains into awesome an art project. 

2. Take fewer showers during the week.

3. Take short showers ~ they use less water than a bath.

4. Plant a tree.

5. Grow some (or all) of your own food.

6. Raise chickens ~ a couple will do ya.

7. Plant flowers.

8. Put up a native bee house.

9. Turn off your computer at night.

10. Change to more energy efficient light bulbs (as they burn out).

11. Ride a bike!

12. Eat less meat.

13. Use less paper towels (or give them up all together).

14. Get energy efficient appliances (when yours konk out)

15. Use environmentally safe cleaning products.

16. Better yet, make your own.

17. Unplug your toaster.

18. Drive a hybrid or electric car.

19. Be more informed about your buying choices.

20. Use recycled paper products.

21. Give recycled jewelry for gifts.

22. Get creative (do art) with recycled/reused items.

23. Use your old pop boxes as a weed barrier in your garden.

24. Buy and Eat locally grown foods.

25. Insulate your house well.

26. Do things by hand. (ex. open cans)

27. Drink fair trade organic coffee ~ and support places that serve it.

28. Use reusable shopping bags.

29. Encourage your grocery store to carry local produce.

30. Support your local zoo ~ especially if they participate in breeding endangered animals.

31. Enjoy our parks. Spend time outside.

32. Stop eating FAST FOOD. Today.

33. Use alternative power when you can ~ start demanding alternative power options in your community.

34. Write your congressman ~ about anything you want changed.

35. Put a stop to junk mail!

36. Recycle everything you can.

37. Get a metal water bottle. Get water from the tap!

38. Use both sides of the paper when you print.

39. Use printed papers you no longer need for scratch or kid’s artwork.

40. Eat more whole food.

41. Reduce the amount of trash you create.

42. Preserve your tires ~ make sure they are properly inflated. (saves gas mileage too)

43. Vote with your dollars. Buy environmentally positive products.

44. Use longer lasting products instead of disposable. (razors is a good example)

45. Use cloth diapers!!

46. Breastfeed your baby.

47.  Save glass bottles from sauces and use for storage instead of plastic.

48. Recycle your ink cartridges. (Office Depot will pay you $3 for every one)

49. Look for products with as little packaging as necessary.

50. Use reusable containers for lunch instead of plastic bags and paper bags.

51. Turn off lights when you leave a room.

52. Get a water saving toilet ~ or put a full bottle in the tank so yours uses less water.

This site is all about finding balance in your life. You don’t have to do all 50 of these things today! Don’t even feel bad if you’re not doing any of them today. Why not pick one? Pick one thing this week that you’re going to work on to move toward a greener and more sustainable future. Heck, you can pick one more next week. :) If you did that all year you’d have all 52 of these great ideas covered!

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