Back to School Shopping Time!


Well… it’s almost over ~ our first summer since Hanna started school. It’s gone pretty well, and I’m excited for school to start. :)

Hanna’s teacher from last year has moved to a different school so she’ll be getting a new teacher this year. We’ve met her, as she stopped by earlier this week for the first of 2 “home visits” where we discussed goals and all that great stuff. She seems very nice and we’ll see how the year goes.

School starts on Monday and I’ve been pretty lucky about getting the “school shopping” done already. My mom and I did some garage sales earlier this summer and got some really great stuff, and Ryan’s mom usually has a few things every time we see them.  I don’t think I’ll have much more shopping to do.

However, I noticed yesterday while I was ordering a book at Amazon that they have a great sale going on for school clothes. You get $10 off any $50 purchase or $25 off any $100 dollar purchase of school clothes.  That’s pretty good! I’ve never bought clothes online, have you? I’m sure there are plenty of people who do ~ I’d love some tips if you have them! With the amazing selection it would be really fun to do some online shopping so she doesn’t have all the same clothes that everyone else bought from Walmart in our little podunk 1 store town. :)

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