The Benefits of Exercise Go Well Beyond Losing Weight

Whether you’re looking to lose a little or a lot, the benefits of exercise go far beyond just losing weight. While it’s great to lose weight and look great… exercise helps your body in so many other ways as well!

Exercising 3-4 times a week, an hour and a half at least each day has been found by experts to greatly reduce the risk of several diseases and health conditions. Some diseases that exercise will help you prevent are heart disease, stroke, and Peripheral Vascular Disease.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are both health conditions that could be avoided by regular exercise. Diabetes that’s non-insulin-dependent can be controlled by eliminating most body fat and increasing your daily physical activity.

Over 40% of American people alone are considered medically obese. This is a staggering statistic brought on by multiple and varied causes. However  by exercising and building muscle mass in place of  fat, it will help your metabolism increase, which means you’re burning even more calories, even at rest.

Most patients that come into a doctor’s office complaining of back pain are overweight. Doing exercises that improve your flexibility; such as yoga, Pilates, and tai chi, for example will be able to help reduce back pain.

Exercise has now been shown to be as effective as medication for some types of depression as well. I know I always feel better after a workout, especially if it’s a nice long bike ride outside.

Whatever kind of exercise you like to do… and if you think you don’t like ANY exercise, keep looking, I bet there’s something out there you can get in to ~ and start doing it. Exercising consistently has so many advantages to your health and your body ~ it’s just silly not to!

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  1. Jackie,
    My hubby and I are both at risk of Type 2 diabetes from family factors. Our diet and being overweight doesn’t help. While we are working on the diet, I also read recently that EVEN if you don’t lose weight, the body still gains the benefit from doing the exercise, especially in regards to lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Just another reason I am striving to get in the habit of moving my body for a minimum of 15 minutes a day, every day, for the rest of my life.
    Bernice @ The Stressed Mom´s last [type] ..The mom’s battle for fitness

  2. Latha
    Twitter: estellalist

    I have been taking steroids for a couple of years. That was the only prescribed medicine for a health condition I had. This made me gain a lot of weight.
    When I went to doctors for back pain and other issues, they asked me to reduce weight, which was like a catch 22 situation.
    Steroids make you eat and then you gain weight.
    As a side effect, I got a condition which makes it painful to walk. After taking ayurveda, finally I am seeing results. I cannot exercise yet as I am advised to limit mobility to reduce wear and tear of my hip bones, which make me immobile.
    But I have started lsing a lot of weight by controlling my diet and some herbal medicines. I have almost reached my ideal weight, which puts less weight on my joints.
    The doctors had said the only option for me was surgery. Now they are amazed at my recovery and have asked to do what I am doing.
    Losing weight is a holistic approach. I have learnt a loss through my years of struggle and being bedridden.
    Latha´s last [type] ..How to draw traffic to your blog

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