Surviving the Clash of Temperament

image credit: Laura Dye

It’s Spring Break week here… and wouldn’t you know it, after months and months of dry, warm, sunny days it’s decided to rain every. single. day. As someone who treasures quiet, and solitude I’m being pushed to what feels like my limits by my extroverted, loud, rambunctious kiddo. I’m feeling STRESSED! The problem with that [...]

10 Tips to Get Time On Your Side

Its about Time Series II

Time management isn’t a seminar you attend or a book you read. Time management is a process that must be engaged every day to be effective. Some of the most frustrated, disorganized people in any office are the ones with the most time management books on their shelves. It’s not that these books were ineffective. [...]

Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

bad habits

Everyone has habits they think of as “bad” or wish they didn’t have. A habit is simply a thought or action you’ve been doing over and over again to the point where you no longer think before you do it. So… if we’re going to get rid of the “bad” habits we’ve got to look [...]

Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words


Last week we talked about meditation and managing out thoughts. We’re going to continue along those lines today. “As ye think, so shall you be,” is an old saying that would be great if it worked. But, just because we think the good thoughts doesn’t mean that we’ll perform the same actions. Again, it takes [...]

Simple Tips to Manage Your Thoughts to Use Them to Your Advantage


One of the biggest things I’ve had to learn is to “control my thoughts”. I find my mind so interesting, it’s so eager to go to negative spaces, and jump to conclusions, and give in to fear, doubt and discouragement. But, when you can control your thoughts, and move them in the direction of more [...]

Quick Tips to Help You Let Go of Stress

stressed mom

All moms get stressed out at one point or another. This being a long holiday weekend, chances are at some point over the weekend you’ll get stressed. Kids are very demanding of a mother’s time and energy resources, and while children should be a high priority to every mom, stress sometimes results, and too much [...]

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