Daisy Girls Magnetic Dolls Review

daisy girl magnetic dolls dollhouse

Over the last couple years Hanna has pretty regularly received sets of magnetic “paper dolls”. I was thrilled to see them the first time because they were so cool! They really are like paper dolls, but they are wood and magnetic, so they are much more durable. She’s gotten a Daisy Girls dress up set [...]

Fun Holiday Activities You Can Do as a Family

hanna coloring 001

Yesterday was my kiddo’s last day at school. We now have 12 days together until she goes back to school. While I still have to work, and my husband will have to work, I definitely want to find some time to get in some fun holiday activities together. Here’s some of the ideas I had… [...]

Just How Critical Is Sleep for Our Kids?

sick kid 002

We often get weird looks when the topic of bedtime comes up with friends and family. I’m a little hyper vigilant when it comes to my kiddo getting enough sleep. She goes to bed early ~ every day of the week ~ because she gets up early ~ every day of the week, no matter [...]

Don’t Shoot for Perfection…


It’s really easy to get wrapped up in “doing it right” and everything being perfect. Here’s a fact… life ain’t perfect, and neither are you. You can’t expect your diet to be perfect, nor should you strive for perfection. It’s an impossible task, and when you strive for perfection one of two things always happens. [...]

Click the squares and Make music… very fun

This is a really cool thing… all you do is click the blocks and it makes music. very fun. http://biancavirina.tumblr.com/post/2665295375/click-the-squares-the-whole-world-needs-to  

Hanna Gets a New Bike

shfair10 044

Last weekend was the small town fair in the town my Mom lives in. We entered flowers and canning. The thing about this little town ~ and maybe others like it ~ the kids get Friday off for the fair. Yeah ~ they get the day off school so they can come to the fair. [...]

Back to School Shopping Time!

hannas bday4 058

Well… it’s almost over ~ our first summer since Hanna started school. It’s gone pretty well, and I’m excited for school to start. Hanna’s teacher from last year has moved to a different school so she’ll be getting a new teacher this year. We’ve met her, as she stopped by earlier this week for the [...]

Beautiful Creatures Music Review


A while back I saw a tweet for a free song from the Beautiful Creatures album.  It was a song about the Happiest Hippo. It’s catchy and fun, and Hanna loved it. She wanted more. I was given a review copy of the entire album and we spent the entire night dancing to the fun [...]

Even If I Did Something Awful?


We are  a good couple weeks into Summer vacation from school (heaven help us) and we’re spending our Monday afternoons at the library ~ taking out our limit of 10 books each week. I have to say I’m super grateful that Hanna is a “reader”. She loves books. She would sit and let force me [...]

My Favorite Things About Warm Spring Nights

hannas bday4 096

I forget sometimes, just how much I love warm Spring nights. Tonight I was sitting on the porch, reading a book, watching Hanna swim in her new pool and took a minute to look around, listen around, and appreciate. Laughing and Giggling girly in the pool dog trotting across the yard Big bumblebee buzzing as [...]

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