Summer Learning


Hanna is officially out of school. She’s finished her first year of school. (preschool). I must admit it was quite an emotional day for me. I just can’t believe how big she’s getting, it seems like the time is flying by. She absolutely loved school, so I’m really glad we decided to send her this [...]

Painting Easter Eggs


Since our lovely little chickaroos give us brown eggs I was a bit perplexed about how to decorate them for Easter. I just couldn’t go out and buy white eggs when I have dozens of delicious fresh eggs here. So we went with painting Easter eggs this year. It was super fun. We used your [...]

Garden Planning Preschool Style [Project]


Here in Kansas it’s Spring Break time. St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow ~ which means I need to get my potatoes planted, unfortunately the garden is not even dug due to a bunch of rain last week. Me and the rototiller have some plans today! Yesterday, while I was working, Hanna kept asking questions, lots [...]

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