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The Gazing Ball Is Done!

The Gazing Ball Is Done! In the past I’ve done some glasswork, and really enjoyed it. This year my mom came to me with a bowling ball and asked if I could create a gazing ball for a good friend of her’s garden. I accepted. Didn’t realize how much time and effort it would entail, but just in the nick of time, it’s done. Here you go, my first gazing ball… The glass store was out of sealer, so...

Choosing the Best Hummingbird Feeder

Choosing the Best Hummingbird Feeder I have never been a big “bird person”. I think they’re nice, and I like to hear them chirp. However, a couple years ago I bought this little teeny tiny 2 oz hummingbird feeder just on a whim. (I think it was after we visited Colorado and saw tons and tons of hummers). To my surprise the hummingbirds CAME and stayed, and come back year after year. I have had such fun over the last few...
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