Just How Critical Is Sleep for Our Kids?

sick kid 002

We often get weird looks when the topic of bedtime comes up with friends and family. I’m a little hyper vigilant when it comes to my kiddo getting enough sleep. She goes to bed early ~ every day of the week ~ because she gets up early ~ every day of the week, no matter [...]

Worm Tower

I just found this great article on Twitter via @souncivilized. It’s for a worm tower. Basically you put this pvc pipe in the ground and then add your compost directly to the pipe ~ add worms at the bottom and viola ~ instant compost. It apparently also acts as a way to deep water your [...]

Grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 sq feet.

Thanks to TeeRiddle for this link. I think I saw this last year but went with the pool instead. I think I will definitely try this next year. How to grow 100 lbs of potatoes in 4 sq feet.

Squash Bug Invasion ACK!

invasion 004

I swear, yesterday there were no squash bugs on my plants. In fact, I was even thinking how amazing it was that I had yet to be invaded by squash bugs. Then today… Invasion…. I’m looking for a non toxic way to get rid of these buggers ~ any suggestions? I’m pretty sure this can’t [...]

Harvesting the Potato Pool

potatopoolharvest 002

You may or may not remember that I planted a good bit of my potatoes in a kiddie pool that had been weed whacked and no longer held water ~ which was just sitting around looking a mess in my yard. Well the plants have all died off so I decided it was time to [...]

The Ooze Tube ~ How I Stay On Top of Watering

veggies 004

I’ll say it right now, right up front. I suck at watering the garden. My garden looks fantastic all spring ~ you know when it’s cool enough for me to be outside without breaking into a sweat the second I walk out the door. When it gets that hot I get lazy ~ and forget [...]

52 Easy Ways You Can Make a Difference

recycled shirt for earthday

Happy Earth Day!! With balance in mind I’ve been working on some things to help move us toward a more sustainable existence. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING today ~ but why not do something every day? Here’s some ideas to get you started. 1. Turn an old t shirt with stains into awesome an [...]

Recycle Your Pop Boxes ~ In the Garden!


Unfortunately we’ve still got a bit of a pop fix going on here. Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper are winning this war. However, they are also helping me fight a war that is waging in my garden. Bermuda Grass. My arch nemesis Bermuda Grass. If you’re not familiar Bermuda grass is the most invasive, [...]

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes


Every year I grow tomatoes. The past few years I’ve only grown a few plants and had pretty good success. This year though, my intention is to grow enough tomatoes to can for the winter, so I’ve scaled up this operation. I’ve also grown more interested in growing heirloom varieties. I thought about getting ALL [...]

Grow Potatoes in Straw


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. Here in Kansas that means it’s the official “plant your potatoes” day! Well it’s been pretty rainy here and despite my best efforts to rototill the ground is just too wet still. I was determined to get potatoes planted so I started searching out alternative methods of growing potatoes.  We’ve [...]

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