Just How Critical Is Sleep for Our Kids?

sick kid 002

We often get weird looks when the topic of bedtime comes up with friends and family. I’m a little hyper vigilant when it comes to my kiddo getting enough sleep. She goes to bed early ~ every day of the week ~ because she gets up early ~ every day of the week, no matter [...]

Books Books Books: What to do with the books?


I love books. I mean REALLY love books. My favorite gift is a book. My second favorite gift is a gift certificate to buy a book. I have books from college, from childhood, and from yesterday all on my bookshelves. My bookshelves are handcrafted and were designed to fit perfectly in my 10 foot ceilings [...]

You Can’t Organize Clutter


Cover of Sink Reflections When I used to live in NYC I lived in a teeny tiny apartment and had next to nothing. Well, probably because I had no money back then, but things were pretty simple. Cleaning wasn’t so tough. Staying organized wasn’t so tough. Keeping things need and clutter free wasn’t so tough. [...]

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