Surviving the Clash of Temperament

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It’s Spring Break week here… and wouldn’t you know it, after months and months of dry, warm, sunny days it’s decided to rain every. single. day. As someone who treasures quiet, and solitude I’m being pushed to what feels like my limits by my extroverted, loud, rambunctious kiddo. I’m feeling STRESSED! The problem with that is… now I’m feeling GUILT! I mean, moms are supposed to LOVE to have their kids home for Spring Break right?!

While I love my kiddo, and wouldn’t trade her in for the world, having her around 24/7 is definitely something that’s taking some getting used to.

It’s interesting to take note of our personality types… I’m quiet, enjoy quiet, really like quiet (did I mention that?) She, on the other hand is not. She’s outgoing, talkative, rambunctious, noisy ~ and basically needs/wants constant interaction.

When you have kids that are so far on the opposite end of the scale, temperament wise, it’s  normal to feel stressed and maybe even a little resentful ~ this can be especially true if you’re used to having your own time during the day. Feeling guilty about this is just a waste of energy though…  instead work on incorporating ways to give you both more energy so you can connect and have fun during the break.

Here’s some ideas to recharge your little extrovert.

1. Play ball, or some other interactive game.

This doesn’t even have to be a huge long game! 5 or 10 minutes each hour where you focus on them, interact and have fun. This interaction will help fuel their energy and make it easier for them to play on their own for a little while.

2. Set up activities for them to do.

Whether it’s playdo, or a craft project ~ sitting down with them to get them started can fuel them to continue playing on their own.

3. Encourage them to try something they haven’t done before.

Kids learn and grow by succeeding in things… encourage your kids to try something bigger, or harder, or completely new they haven’t done before. Encourage them to do it on their own, so they can feel that sense of accomplishment.

Tips to help you recharge YOUR energy.

1. Take some time in the morning.

I write “morning pages” as described by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way. A few minutes of quiet, with a cup of coffee a pen and a notebook. It’s a fantastic way to energize myself to start the day.  But you could just take some time out to sit on the porch, or take a quick shower. Whatever it takes to get a few minutes to yourself.

2. Oh and Ah…

Sound can be hugely powerful ~ whether you use it out loud or in your head. If you’re about to lose it simply take in a deep breath and then say “aaaaahhhhh” ~ it doesn’t matter if you do it out loud or to yourself ~ they both work. If you’ve already completely  lost it ~ go with “oooohhhh”. It may sound crazy but it works every time! I learned this trick a couple Christmases ago from the Don’t Lose Your Shit Kit ~ it’s MAGIC! That kit and this trick have saved me some major meltdowns over the last couple years… I highly recommend it. :)

3. Friends.

Sometimes you just need to speak to another adult. If you’re at that point, take a minute and reach out. Call a friend and just talk. Sometimes talking to an adult can completely change your perspective.

What about you… what do you do to refuel and energize when your kiddo’s are driving you nuts? How do you keep them occupied and happy while they’re on spring break, and it’s raining, raining, raining?!

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  1. Jill says:

    Thanks for the great tips these work for people that have their kids around all of the time too.
    Jill´s last [type] ..Lamaze – What Can I Expect?

  2. Bernita
    Twitter: bernitaburdick

    Jackie, I give you lot’s of kudos’s for being a stay home/work from home mom. I knew when my children where little I would not of done well as a stay at home mom. I love my kids to death, but being home with them day in and day out would of drove me to insanity…lol Even when I started working from home they would go to an after school program for 2 hours. Summers and school breaks were filled with summer camp and activities away from home so I could work peacefully.

    I think your great!

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