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I know when we go to the store with a list we save money and leave with healthier food than when we go without a list. I know this.

What I didn’t realize until recently how much more money we could save by changing one little thing about the way we I plan our meals.

Use the weekly circular from the grocery store

If you’re already doing this congratulations! You rock. Me… never dawned on me. I always just said ~ “Hey, what do you want to eat this week”, made a plan, made a list and went shopping.

I commented on twitter one day that I had finished my meal plan and was on the way to shop. Someone commented back with a fair bit of incredulous that I hadn’t used the circular. Well… it just never dawned on me.

So the next week I went to my grocery store’s website (since we live out of town and don’t get the paper) and got a digital version of the weekly circular to look at. I looked to see what meat was on sale, then planned our meals around the sale meat.

I also looked through the circular to see what veggies, and other side dishes were on sale and planned those with our meals as well.

We are saving almost 50% on our grocery bill now.  I then started adding coupons in and well, that’s a whole other post.

This one simple change can really save you a lot of money. The cool thing about it is our store has a lot of buy one get one free sales. Before, unless that meat was on the list I would completely miss the sale. Now we always have extra meat in the freezer because we rarely if ever pass up a buy one get one sale! If money gets tight at the end of the month we can usually create an entire weekly meal plan just from the freezer and what we got extras of while it was on sale.

We still eat what we want to eat, we just do it with a little forethought and now we’re saving big!

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