Don’t Shoot for Perfection…

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in “doing it right” and everything being perfect. Here’s a fact… life ain’t perfect, and neither are you. You can’t expect your diet to be perfect, nor should you strive for perfection.

It’s an impossible task, and when you strive for perfection one of two things always happens.

1.  You never start.

2. You quit.

Trying to accomplish the impossible task of being perfect will only lead to one of those two outcomes. You will become so paralyzed with the fear of doing something “wrong” that you won’t start at all, or you’ll become so overwhelmed or upset when you don’t hit perfection that you’ll quit.

So right here… right now. Throw perfection out the window.

We’re going for… a little bit better.

When you make a choice that’s a little bit better than yesterday you have moved forward. When you consistently make that better choice you’ve moved to a new level, and then from there you can once again go for a little bit better. You choices will be a little different this time because you’re at a different point than you were previously. So you make a choice that’s a little bit better today… and keep consistently making that choice, then keep moving up the later with a little bit better choices. :)

That’s how you create lasting success my friends ~ and have an enjoyable journey along the way.

So what kind of choice could you make that’s a little bit better?

~ have water instead of pop?

~ bake your chicken instead of fry?

~ go for a walk instead of watch tv?

~ take the stairs instead of the elevator?

~ make dinner at home instead of going out?

~ make pizza at home instead of ordering it in?

There’s tons and tons of little bit better choices you can make today… tell me… what’s yours going to be?


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