Emeril Pots and Pans

My mom loves to cook. She absolutely loves it. Trouble is she’s been cooking with pans she bought probably before I was born in the early 70’s. While it didn’t hinder the flavor of her cooking, it wasn’t much fun cooking with pots with wobbly handles, and uneven cooking surfaces.

However, that all changed this Christmas when my mom received an Emeril  pots and pans set. It came with 10 pieces and she couldn’t be more thrilled. She pulled out each and every piece to show me the last time I stopped by. She just couldn’t quit raving about how great they were and how much easier it made cooking. So I thought with her help we’d write a review of this set of Emerilware cookware she received.

Let’s look at what comes with this set.

  • 8 inch frying pan.
  • 10 inch frying pan
  • 2 quart sauce pan (with lid and strainer)
  • 3 quart sauce pan (with lid and strainer)
  • 6 quart dutch oven/stock pot with lid

This set is what is known as hard anodized. This means they have taken an aluminum pan and run it through a process that makes it much stronger and durable than regular aluminum.  Not only is it stronger, while allowing it to stay lightweight because it’s made of aluminum, when used with a nonstick ingredient it creates a nonstick surface that is thicker than non anodized pots and pans.  The surface is also much more durable, and you won’t find teflon peeling off your pots in a few months.

These hard anodized pots and pans are even stronger than stainless steel pans, but weigh less and are easier to clean. You’ll find these pans will last a lifetime.

Emeril has designed these pots and pans with the home cook in mind. The aluminum is lighter, and the handles have been ergonomically designed to be comfortable as well as balanced. You will find these  pots and pans are easy to control.

The two sauce pans come with pouring spouts and strainers, which is fantastic when you need to strain out water from cooked veggies, or chunks from chicken stock. Emeril has really thought of everything. The sizes are perfect for every day cooking, and you’ll find yourself using this cook set regularly.

I have some pots and pans I just don’t use. They’re great pots and pans, but they came in sizes I just don’t need.With this set you’ll find that each piece is perfect for something, and you’ll use them all the time.

Another great feature of the Emeril pots and pans is that they nest together wonderfully. Which means they stack together and take up way less room in your cabinet, which can be a serious problem for those of us with minimal cabinet space.

The one downfall is that the handles on the pans do not necessarily stay cool. They are metal and as the pan heats up so do they ~ make sure you keep a pot holder handy and you’ll be fine though.

The non stick surface is a little thinner than other pots and pans sets, but it is extremely non stick and durable. You need to use non metal utensils on it as you would with any non stick surface, but clean up is a breeze. You’ll find even carmelized sugar comes off easily.

All in all the Emeril pots and pans are a fantastic buy. You can get them in a 10 piece set from Amazon ~ that’s the one my mom has.

You can buy other pieces that don’t come with the set separately if you find you need them.

If you not looking for non stick pans you can also find Emerilware cookware in stainless steel.

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