Fun Holiday Activities You Can Do as a Family

Yesterday was my kiddo’s last day at school. We now have 12 days together until she goes back to school. While I still have to work, and my husband will have to work, I definitely want to find some time to get in some fun holiday activities together.

Here’s some of the ideas I had…

1. Bake cookies.

We’re knocking this one out today. Baking cookies is something we do every year for Christmas. We then box the different cookies up and give them as gifts to our friends and neighbors. This year we made a lot of chocolate based cookies, so today we’re going to make some sugar cookies.

2. Color.

Hanna received a large package of Dora coloring sheets in the gift exchange at school this year. I had forgotten how fun it is to just sit down and color. While it’s great fun to color, this option could go for just about anything your child calls you to come do with them. Keep your ears alert ~ your kids will want you to do things with them, instead of immediately saying no… take a second and then say yes. :)

3. Go see lights.

We live in the boonies and no one really decorates out here, but in town there are tons of lovely decorations. Take an evening and drive around your town and check out the lights together. Oooh and Ahh over the work people have put into their decorations. Then go home and make some hot chocolate and drink it together while you talk about what your favorite part was.

4. Watch the Christmas classics together.

It seems every night this month there’s been a classic Christmas show on. Why not start a family tradition where you watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas, or the Grinch Who Stole Christmas every year together? If your child’s bedtime is early and you miss the shows it’s easy enough to order all the Christmas movies on or even watch them streaming. :)

5. Make a Gingerbread House.

We’ve made a gingerbread house for the past few years now, and it’s so much fun. The key to making this activity fun for the whole family is letting go of the idea there is a “right” way for it to be done or for it to look. If you go in with a certain way you want it done (aka to look like the picture on the box) you will be disappointed, and there will be frustration through the process. Let it go, just have fun, and make a wonderful unique gingerbread house only YOUR family could make.

There you have it, five fun holiday activities you can do as a family. What about you? What does your family do together during the long holiday break? I’d love to hear… tell me in the comments or better yet, stop by the community on Facebook and join in the conversation!

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  1. Fun ideas, Jackie… My sons are grown and no grand kids yet, but I’m baking cookies and driving around to see the lights by myself, anyway! LOL

    I remember driving my grandfather around to see them the last couple of years he was with us. They are really beautiful! I look forward to sharing the holidays with grandchildren someday, and doing the other things you mention, too. Merry Christmas!

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