Garden Insomnia

It happens to me every year right about this time. It starts with a new garden catalogue arriving in the mail, it progresses when I start reading a fantastic new book about gardening or pick up a new organic gardening magazine. Then Mother Earth News comes, and I’m a goner. Carrots_aloft

Garden Insomnia.

If you are a gardener, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The thoughts, plans, visions you have for a new garden that run through your head at all hours of the morning.  Where you’re going to put things? What new veggies should you try to grow this year? Will a big piece of fencing really bend and hold all your melons? These are the questions that race through your mind and refuse to go away at about this time each year when I’m getting cabin fever and longing to get outside and dig in the dirt.

How do you get rid of Garden Insomnia?

If you’re smart you have a great garden journal and you get up and write down all the ideas that are flowing through you. It seems once I write them down I don’t have to keep “thinking” about them so I don’t forget what I had going on.

Unfortunately last night I was not that bright. In fact, I have yet to get a decent Garden Journal. I’m going much bigger this year and I want to try to set myself up for easy crop rotation next year, so I’m going to have to invest in a good journal. Last year I looked and there was only 1 or 2 really cool looking garden journals I could find. However, that is NOT the case this year. Holy Cow. I went to take a look at what Amazon has and there are quite a few really pretty and useful ones to choose from.

Right now I have a basic three ring binder, with printed pages and lined notebook paper.  It works, but I’m not really feeling it. I’m reading Animal Vegetable Miracle right now and I’m getting so inspired to do more, eat more locally and grow more of my own food I feel like I need a more inspired garden journal. :) One that has some tips and hints about how to make it actually grow would be a plus too.

Here are a few of the ones I’m looking at.

So what do YOU do for Garden Insomnia and what do you use for a garden journal? I’d love to hear!

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One Response to “Garden Insomnia”

  1. Karen Phelps says:

    I am having the garden insomnia you are talking about! One of my favorite times of the winter is getting out all the catalogs and deciding what the new garden will hold for us this year. A fun and practical idea to do the journal..I have one but not the best organized either. Nice post – thanks for sharing.

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