Hanna Gets a New Bike


Last weekend was the small town fair in the town my Mom lives in. We entered flowers and canning. The thing about this little town ~ and maybe others like it ~ the kids get Friday off for the fair. Yeah ~ they get the day off school so they can come to the fair.

There are tons of fun activities for kids ~ three legged races, turtle races, and of course the bike race.

Hanna had a bike. A old bike her Dad picked up on a trip to OKC to get a mountain bike for me. It was cheap, and it worked well for a while. Then the wheels got cracks in them and no longer held air. The poor bike’s been sitting in the garage just waiting for someone ~ anyone to give it some attention. And no on had. Until the day of the Big Bike Race.

Hanna was absolutely thrilled to think she could participate this year, and then absolutely crestfallen when she realized her bike had 2 flat tires. :( I suggested she ride her tricycle (and after watching the race I am SO excited that we didn’t go that route ~ she would have looked terribly foolish lol)

So I got this big idea ~ between a bunch of work stuff, entering flowers, and canning and getting back to town in time for the race I’d just run to walmart and get new tires for her bike and put them on myself. (ack ack ~ yeah I’m choking a little on the words now that I really think about it lol).

I went out and got the size off her tires and we hauled ass to Walmart. Turns out… they don’t sell tires that small. I don’t know if they all don’t or if it’s just our little tiny “supercenter”, but no tires. So where does that leave me ~ and the kiddo?

Of course I’m a sucker mom ~ with only one kid ~ she got a new bike.

So we had enough time for me to make it to my meeting. Finish up. Jump in the car ~ and get half way there for Hanna to realize she doesn’t have her helmet. Run back to the house. Grab the helmet. Haul ass back to town. To enter the race. Phew.

Hanna’s bike’s been broken so she doesn’t have a lot of experience riding bikes ~ she tried her hardest though. (She’s the one all the way in the back ~ with someone helping her out.)

I’m actually really glad I bought her another bike. I LOVE riding my bike, and as she gets better at riding I can’t wait to take rides with her. I think it’s a fantastic activity she and I can do together ~ to get moving and connect.

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