Harvesting the Potato Pool


You may or may not remember that I planted a good bit of my potatoes in a kiddie pool that had been weed whacked and no longer held water ~ which was just sitting around looking a mess in my yard. :)

Well the plants have all died off so I decided it was time to harvest. (We still have some other potted potatoes that the plants are still alive ~ and I had some die back quite a while ago and have already harvested them)

The weeds had pretty much taken over my potato pool, so I just pulled the weeds which pretty much turned over the soil and revealed the potatoes.

I could have sworn I planted both red and white potatoes in there, but I only found red ones. There wasn’t a ton (I didn’t really know how many to stick in there ~ and I should have done more), but they were bigger than the ones I harvested from the pot, and they look pretty good.

I’ve got them laying out to dry before we bring them in. (the chalk got left out in the rain ~ it’s drying too)

Thank heaven for blogs ~ it turns into a great garden journal ~ I can easily come back next year and remember the big things I learned when I did this. :)

Notes for next year:

1. Add more soil ~ much more soil. The whole “cover with straw thing” didn’t work very well.

2. Add more seed potatotes ~ there’s plenty of room.

The potato pool is now doing double duty and holding the volunteer pumpkin that has showed up again this year. Hubby wasn’t super thrilled that it grew across the entire ¬†front yard last year (which led to very tall grass through that area lol)

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  1. Jane says:

    I missed your original post about the potatoes – but I think growing potatoes sounds like an easy enough gardening task that even I might be able to accomplish that.

    Glad you clarified the chalk in the picture – I was going to ask for your help in growing chalk since my daughter goes through it like crazy!!

    Jane´s last blog ..Nostalgic Candy Baskets updated Thu Jul 15 2010 4-19 pm CDT My ComLuv Profile

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