My Favorite Things About Warm Spring Nights


I forget sometimes, just how much I love warm Spring nights. Tonight I was sitting on the porch, reading a book, watching Hanna swim in her new pool and took a minute to look around, listen around, and appreciate. :)

Laughing and Giggling girly in the pool

dog trotting across the yard

Big bumblebee buzzing as he bumbles around

Big green potato plants in the potato pool

Birds chirping all around

Hummingbirds whirring around from feeder to feeder

Hollyhocks getting big as platters

Barn swallows chewing me out for sitting right under their nests

Wheat fields all around, getting taller and more amber colored

Warm gentle breezes,  a nice contrast to the typical 50 mph winds

Queen Anne’s Lace blooming tall and proud, covering up the junk by the garage

My new spoon windchimes chiming quietly and beautifully

Sparrows nibbling at the bird feeder

Butterflies flitting from flower to flower

The warm orange sun as it sets

Big laughs and splashes  from the pool (did I mention that one already?)

Big smiles, and wet hugs when someone gets out of the pool


Here’s what it sounds like at our house…

Don’t worry ~ the “help me” is just a game she’s playing. She’s talking to the bird on the wire above her head. :) The big jar of dirt on the table is our “Ant Farm”.

What do you love most about these warm spring nights?

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2 Responses to “My Favorite Things About Warm Spring Nights”

  1. Tina says:

    My favorites are the sounds of the birds. We love to light the fire pit as soon as it starts to get dark and watch the lightning bugs although it’s a little early in the season to see them.

    Love your picture – little girls who love to fish just rock!
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  2. Jackie says:

    Last weekend we were out late at the lake and it got dark ~ it was MAGICAL. There were lightening bugs everywhere. It was like stars on Earth. Very cool.

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