Recycle Your Pop Boxes ~ In the Garden!


Unfortunately we’ve still got a bit of a pop fix going on here. Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper are winning this war. However, they are also helping me fight a war that is waging in my garden.

Bermuda Grass. My arch nemesis Bermuda Grass.

If you’re not familiar Bermuda grass is the most invasive, hard to kill, never die, infiltrating every space from every direction little grass there is.

My whole yard is now Bermuda as it has killed out any natural Buffalo grass that may have once lived here. My garden is in the middle of my yard, so I am fighting an almost 200 foot war around my garden trying to keep it out ~ as well as trying to keep it from coming up inside.

What does this have to do with pop boxes you ask?

Everything. The best way to keep Bermuda grass out is to not let it have any sun. Pop boxes block sun. Oh yes, they do.

I have been saving our pop boxes for a while now and last night, after Hanna went to bed, in the cool silence I began my first Bermuda grass offensive.

We planted our Beans, among other things, yesterday. I happened to have spaced the rows just far enough apart for an open and flattened pop box to fit perfectly between them. What a happy accident that was.

The key to using this method is making sure your pop boxes are good and wet before you put them down ~ or at least before you leave them.  When they get wet they get really pliable. They kind of melt into the landscape and get in every nook and roll of the dirt. This allows for no light to come in to feed the grass.

Now we live in Kansas, so you can’t just throw a piece of cardboard on the ground and call it good. I’ve put some straw on top  ~ and after I weeded I threw the weeds on one row as well. All of this will compost down over time and provide great natural fertilizer for your garden.

I think it’s a good start in my battle with the Bermuda ~ time will tell who wins. I plan to continue to mulch everything I possibly can with straw and grass clippings to keep it out as much as I can.

This doesn’t have to just be pop boxes either ~ I also use empty cereal boxes, old wine boxes (yes we sometimes drink wine from a box lol), all cardboard boxes we get ~ just about everything cardboard can be used to battle weeds in your garden.

Are you using cardboard to battle weeds? What’s your biggest garden weed nemesis? I’m sure I’ll need more tactics to fight off this Bermuda so if you have any ideas, please feel free to share.

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  1. Kelly says:

    What a great green way to recycle and take care of your garden. That said, I don’t know where you find the energy to do everything you do!
    Kelly´s last blog ..Skirmishes in the Food Revolution My ComLuv Profile

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