Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

Everyone has habits they think of as “bad” or wish they didn’t have. A habit is simply a thought or action you’ve been doing over and over again to the point where you no longer think before you do it. So… if we’re going to get rid of the “bad” habits we’ve got to look at a few things.

Before you can stop a bad habit, you have to first figure out why you’re doing it. Are you bored, frustrated, anxious, sad or depressed? Are your bad habits triggered by certain events in your lifestyle?

For example, do you overeat when you sit down to watch television or bite your nails when you’re nervous or anxious? Only after you’ve identified why your bad habits are taking over your life (or at least making you miserable and keeping you from enjoying as much of life as you could) can you wage an effective war with them.

To move forward in your journey of personal development, you’ll need to begin working on the bad habits you identify as being negative forces in your life and start to change them. Begin by writing those habits down on paper. Then, you’ll be able to develop the strategies that will help rid them from your life.

The strategies will vary from habit to habit. You may need help from a doctor or counselor to quit a cigarette habit, drinking or gambling. And when you discover that certain triggers are actually causing the bad habit, you may be able to quit it cold turkey by avoiding the triggers.

No matter what the habit you can change it! Whether you need to get some help or support you can change the habits in your life. You can decide to do something different. Notice when you start to engage in a habitual behavior. Yell STOP to yourself… (or out loud if people won’t think you’re crazy) and then think of what you can do instead. It’s nice to have some alternative behaviors written down, or in your head. It’s much easier than trying to think on the fly. So as you identify the habits you’d like to change or replace also think about what you can do instead.

It takes time, and patience, kindness and love for yourself, but you can overcome anything you set your mind to!

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  1. Debra Ferrie says:

    Great stuff! I agree that people have to first IDENTIFY the habit and WANT to change it, and then it becomes possible, but not always overnight.
    Nice blog!
    Debra Ferrie´s last [type] ..Mother’s Day

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