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Hanna is officially out of school. She’s finished her first year of school. (preschool). I must admit it was quite an emotional day for me. I just can’t believe how big she’s getting, it seems like the time is flying by.

She absolutely loved school, so I’m really glad we decided to send her this year. We had really not even thought about school, as I was seriously contemplating homeschooling. She thrived in a situation where she had ample opportunity to interact with kids her own age as well as other adults.

I really want to have plenty of learning options and opportunities through this summer.  A friend of mine just finished her first ebook ~ and it’s fantastic. It’s FILLED to the brim with fantastic summer activities for kids. Definitely a big help in finding fun, interactive learning activities during this summer.

I was reading Simple Homeschool last week where I learned about 5 in a Row. It’s a preschool literature based curriculum. I’m not sure it’s exactly right for us, but I did end up somehow landing on Itty Bitty Bookworm, another literature based curriculum. For some reason it seems a little bit better fit for us.

They offered a sample week and I thought I’d use it this week and then grab the June curriculum. I put together a list of the books we’d need and off we went to the library.

As much as I love small town living, small town library sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.  No books on the list.

So… a cute little book caught my eye.

My Garden ~ by Kevin Henkes

That got me thinking… I have a lot of gardening stuff to do this week. Why not get some books related to gardening/things that grow in the garden etc. Then I could pull gardening activities in for our learning.


So here’s what we ended up with:

Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round ~ a very cute story about a Farmer who gets caught in a tornado and he and all his animals get twisted around in the twister. When they come down the animals are all mixed up. Very cute.

Patty’s Pumpkin Patch ~ we grew pumpkins last year so this will be fun. This is a nice story, and also has alphabet recognition at the bottom of each page, with a related picture upper and lower case letters.

Counting in the Garden ~ an amazingly illustrated book. Number recognition was the only thing she didn’t excel at during the school year, and that’s because I didn’t really focus on it at all. So I thought this book would help us work on recognizing numbers ~ and again… it’s beautiful!

You’d Never Believe It But… Plants Feed on Sunlight ~ this book has tons and tons of facts about gardening. She is like a little sponge always saying “tell me more about that…” I thought this book would be a perfect way to answer all her questions and have plenty more to tell her. :)

So those are our garden related books. She wanted to pick out a book too.

She picked out The Sandwich Swap. I’d seen this one on Oprah not long ago, and it looked really cute. It is really cute. The illustration is beautiful, and the story is fantastic. It’s a great starter to talking about tolerance, and appreciating people for how they are different than us. I’m sure we’ll have lots of great conversations over this one.

So we’ll work in the garden, try to suppress the weeds, water… there’s lots to talk about there. I’ll probably try to find some garden related crafts over at No Time for Flashcards. (my favorite kids craft site), and pull some activities out of Summer Fun Handbook.

If you have any suggestions for fun/learning garden related activities I’d love to hear them!

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3 Responses to “Summer Learning”

  1. Take a look at Sonlight’s preK curriculum too. I love Sonlight – wonderful books!

    And my daughter has enjoyed the Magic School Bus books and videos. I just checked and there are ones on Magic School Bus Goes to Seed and Magic School Bus Plants Seeds. You should find them in your public library.
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  2. Jane says:


    I agree with Meryl – Magic School Bus is a GREAT resource. The videos are wonderful to teach kids about all sorts of science subjects. My daughter especially loves the one where the school bus shrinks and they enter one of the kids’ bodies and you get to find out all about his cold and germs. Somehow, it helped her to understand the next time she had a cold and I wanted to give her some decongestant. Check them out!!
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