5 Tips for Creating a Weekly Meal Plan


Whether you’re looking to save money or prepare meals quickly, you often see suggestions for planning your meals. If you’re unfamiliar with meal planning this can be frustrating and confusing advice. Here’s 5 tips to help you create your weekly meal plan. #1 Use your supermarket ads – Take a look at the sale items [...]

5 Healthy Meal Ideas to Add to Your Weekly Meal Plan

healthy meal ideas

Groceries are expensive, and healthy meal ideas can lead to an even higher grocery bill. The good news is you don’t have spend a fortune to add healthy meal ideas to your weekly meal plan.  You don’t need to spend a fortune either. Here are five quick, easy and cheap family meal ideas. #1 Beans [...]

Weekly Meal Plan 12-5


As part of  our meal planning, I plan meals for the week, and we do our grocery shopping on Sunday. There are some benefits of shopping on Sunday ~ Ryan can come and help with the kiddo ~ but there are downfalls as well. I think the produce is not so great on Sundays… and [...]

Menu Plan Monday


Today I pulled some of the meal ideas we’re having from some of my favorite blogs. They just sounded too yummy to resist. Monday: Grilled Hamburgers and green beans (I have a meeting tonight so hubby will be on dinner duty ~ thus the grill) Tues: Roasted Rosemary Chicken with Fries and Squash (I’m adding the [...]

Creating a Weekly Meal Plan

Image by photobunny via Flickr I know when we go to the store with a list we save money and leave with healthier food than when we go without a list. I know this. What I didn’t realize until recently how much more money we could save by changing one little thing about the way [...]

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