The Ooze Tube ~ How I Stay On Top of Watering

I’ll say it right now, right up front. I suck at watering the garden. My garden looks fantastic all spring ~ you know when it’s cool enough for me to be outside without breaking into a sweat the second I walk out the door. When it gets that hot I get lazy ~ and forget to water.

This year I have a goal to harvest enough tomatoes to can for the entire winter. Now whether I’ve planted enough to make that happens remains to be seen ~ but I have to keep them watered so they will live.

I’ve employed some new tactics for watering this year. I’ve tried drip hoses in the past ~ our water is so hard they always get clogged and water just goes flying everywhere ~ it’s a mess.

This year I’ve got two new ideas I’m using.

1. The Ooze Tube.

I found this at Lowes, you can get  it on Amazon too if you don’t have a Lowes near you. It’s basically a big plastic tube. It has a hole at the top on one end. You stake the ends with stakes that are provided. Fill the sucker up (once a week) and then add little drip hoses to 4 plants near the tube.

It works like a FRICKING CHAMP!!!

Here’s some pics:

The second thing I did was follow Tee’s advice (from Veggie Gardener) and used 2 liter bottles next to the plants to water them. I recently realized it was sooo windy and sooo hot here that 2 liters wasn’t going to be enough. This week I switched most of the plants on the other side of the garden to gallon jugs.

I tied the jugs to the stake (if they had a nice ladder or staked them down with tent stakes if they didn’t.  I’m really starting to like those ladders. I will definitely get more next year.)

I poked small holes in the bottom side nearest the plant stem. Now all I have to do is fill up the jug and I know the plant is getting enough water.

I have the tendency to water, but not really enough. It seems like a long time, but it really isn’t that much water getting to the roots of the plants. So this has solved that problem. Everyone looks really happy.

I got my first Yellow Boy tomato today, and lots more on the vine.

Here’s today’s harvest:

What are you doing to keep your plants watered and happy?

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2 Responses to “The Ooze Tube ~ How I Stay On Top of Watering”

  1. Tee Riddle says:

    Hi Jackie, The Ooze Tube is awesome! I will definitely check it for my garden.

    I’m like you, I am terrible at watering. That’s why I love using easy watering devices (like the 2 liter bottles and soaker hoses). Your improvisions on the watering bottles is very cool. It’s a great way to provide more water to the plants and decrease how often you need to refill it.
    Tee Riddle´s last blog ..Inc. Magazine

  2. Jane says:

    Now, if they could just invent something like that to water all of my deck baskets and hanging baskets that would be incredible!!


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