To Do: Get Finances In Order

Happy April 15th! If you’re my Mom ~ Happy Birthday! If you’re anyone else living in America ~ Happy Tax Day! Around this time of year it seems I always have these grand ideas of how I’m going to “do better” with my money over the next year. I’m going to be organized, and keep track of stuff. I’m going to know when my bills are due and pay them ALL on time. I’m going to know where my money’s coming from, what parts of my business are working and what aren’t. What needs more work to get there. I’m gonna be the Martha Stewart of money!

Unfortunately… every year about this time I look back and realize this was just another April New Year’s Resolution. All gung ho for a minute, then fizzled and ignored.

What makes this year different?

I’ve had some pretty big mental breakthroughs in other areas of my life this year. These breakthroughs seem to have opened up a space for me to be a little easier on myself when it comes to finances. I’ve always been very all or nothing, yes or no, right or wrong. Which doesn’t leave much space for me to do ok, some of it, work on it in pieces and still feel good about myself.

It’s been much easier to ignore the whole damn thing.

My oh so amazing EFT coach says to me (something like this ~ or at least this is how it lands on my ~ she’s free to correct me lol) There’s only 2 ways to judge something. Does it feel like YUM or does it feel like YUCK? Not good or bad, right or wrong ~ YUM and YUCK.

This has really allowed me to think about things that I usually judge harshly and ignore with a little bit of a lighter heart. Which feelsĀ  yum. :)

So anyway … I was thinking the other day as I went through my hosting account looking at all the pieces of my business just sitting there doing nothing, making no money and that felt YUCK. I worked so hard on those things, and just left them sitting before they hit profit.

I was looking at this huge pile of bills sitting here in the “organized box” I bought last year. The overwhelm of that whole thing feels like YUCK.

Every time I spent some money I took a second to notice how it felt ~ and most times it was YUCK ~ not mega YUCK, but YUCK nonetheless.

It dawned on me this morning as I was doing my 2 min 20 second put the dishes away routine that if the law of attraction ALWAYS works ~ and it attracts more of what you’re FEELING. Then how in the HELL can I attract more YUM around money when all I’m feeling is YUCK?

I CAN’T ~ it’s impossible ~ it can’t be done. It is law.


Here’s some of what I’ve come up with:

1. Call my most awesome EFT coach Lynn and tap the hell out of this.

2. Inventory my business assets ~ identify what’s worth saving, what’s worth spending more time on, what’s worth selling and then one step at a time ~ do it. :) (notice how I didn’t say get it all done that very day… although there’s a little of that going on in my head ~ but I realize I can get it done if I diligently do a little every day)

3. Inventory my personal finances ~ know what needs to go where, when and how much so I can be clear and not hiding from money. It would appear ~ from my personal experience when you hide from money ~ money hides from you.

I’ve been stuck in this monetary holding pattern for the last couple years. I’m making decent money online ~ but I want more. I want more than getting by. I want the freedom. However… it is becoming VERY clear to me that hiding from money is not the way to go. :)

I mentioned in my recent post on books I’m reading that Dave Ramsey’s Money Makeover came in my last bookswim order ~ maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something. Maybe the pieces of my intention are showing up to help me out. Maybe I should stop being so stubborn and listen. :)

So that’s my plan at this point ~ of course, it’s subject to change as life changes daily ~ who knows ~ maybe I’ll win the lottery tomorrow, which would be BIG YUM.

What do you do to get your finances in order and keep them in order? I’d love any helpful hints you can share!

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