Too Many Good Books

I recently received my latest shipment of rented books from Bookswim. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by books right now. :) I have found by using Bookswim I’m actually choosing books more outside my “regular reading zone”. I’m getting some business books, and some money management books, and other things I wouldn’t normally read if I had to buy the book at the bookstore.

This is fantastic, but it’s taking me a little longer to get through them, and sometimes I need a break from one or two of them. Which means,  I’m reading 4 or 6 books right now. Which is highly unusual for me. I’m a one book at a time kinda girl mostly.

Here’s some of the fantastic books I’m currently reading.
you know ~ in all the free time I have. :)

The Vortex

This is a fantastic new book from Abraham-Hicks. I’m really enjoying it, but it is taking time for all the material to sink in. I’m finding I can only read a chapter at a time, and then I have to leave it for a bit. I actually bought this book because I REALLY wanted to read it, and it kept getting pushed back in my que at Bookswim ~ but they do have it. I’m glad I bought it now seeing how long it’s taking me to get through it.

Good to Great

This is a really interesting book by Jim Collins. It studies a few distinct companies and how they made the leap from being good companies to be great companies. They have paired each great company with a counterpart company (same industry ~ same level at the beginning) to compare the differences. I got this book through Bookswim and added it to my que on the basis of a recommendation I heard from Kim Roach on a webinar one day about driving traffic to your website. It’s very interesting but it’s taking me a long time to get through it too.

Everyday Bliss for Busy Women

I’ve had this book for a long while and loved it the first read through. The only problem is I didn’t implement any of the techniques long term. :( I’m going through it again and making many of the things she teaches a part of my everyday life. This one is taking a while too.

Motherhood is Murder

This one I just received in the mail from the author yesterday. I reviewed her first book Bundle of Trouble and LOVED it, so I jumped at the chance to review this one as well. I started it last night and I’m sure it will be a quick and fun read. A nice relief from all this “heavy” reading I’m doing. I’ll do a full review of this one when I’m finished ~ but I’m already enjoying it!

Two books sitting on the desk waiting to be read:

I have two more books that are still sitting here waiting for me to get to them. That’s the one issue I have with Bookswim ~ and I have the same issue with Netflix ~ I can’t choose the exact movie I’m getting. Although at Bookswim they do let you choose 1 book (on the 3 book plan) that you will definitely get in the next shipment. Here’s the two that are sitting here staring at me:

The Total Money Makeover

I hear this is a fantastic book, but I must admit I may have been a little optimistic about my desire to deal with this issue when I added it to my bookswim que. :) We’ll see.

House of Cards A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall Street

I think I heard about this book from an interview on NPR. It does sound pretty interesting, and again, this is a book I NEVER would have bought at the bookstore ~ but it feels free coming from Bookswim. :) I’ll let you know when I get it finished what I thought.

I know I’m overwhelmed with books right now, but it won’t be like that forever ~ I’m always looking for good books to add to my bookswim rental pool ~ any recommendations? I’d love to hear what you’re reading!

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  1. Todd
    Twitter: acnefreelife

    I remember coming across bookswim from you about a month ago. I looked into it slightly but decided against it.

    I like to own my own books. And, if I did rent my books, I would find my self drowned in an absurd amount of books – more so thank you! I have a list of 80+ books that I will buy… someday. Ha!
    .-= Todd´s last blog ..5 More Reasons to Avoid Sugar for Glowing Skin =-.

  2. Jackie says:

    I too love to own books. I am also trying to scale back and simplify my life. So the balance between my love of books and reading is renting books so they don’t take over the house. I really thought about it and looked at how many times I go back and look at/use the books I have. I realized there are actually pretty few books I reread or use again so it only made sense for me. :)

  3. Bernita
    Twitter: bernitaburdick

    I have probably 6 I’m reading right now. It seems the only chance I get to read books is before I turn in and then it is only a few pages. By the time I get them read I would of paid several months of rental

    I think I will stick to buying them for now. I have sold books on Amazon that I don’t want to keep. Makes for a good alternative if your collection gets too big.
    .-= Bernita´s last blog ..Sports Baby Bedding For Your Little Athelete =-.

  4. Jackie says:

    I find I can get through about 3 or 4 books a month ~ which makes it totally worth it. I end up saving about 40 dollars a month.

  5. Ellen says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I’m on Bookswim’s 7-book at a time plan, and I’m finding myself similarly overwhelmed! But it does take them about 8-10 days to get me my new books after I ship some back, so I’ll be keeping this plan; it allows me to still have 3 books at home during the shipping time.
    .-= Ellen´s last blog ..How To Talk To Teens About Sex =-.

  6. Mag says:

    I recently purchased an amazon kindle, and so far i have purchased 10 books, don’t know where i will find the time to read them all , but i have to say the new kindle is really excellent .

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