What We’re Eating This Week.

It’s another Monday and it seems I’m back on track with theĀ  menu! YAY. Got it done yesterday as well as the shopping. I planned the menu around what we had in the freezer and what was on sale at the store.

I’m also working on eating a more Primal diet, so our menu will also reflect that.


Tacos (I’ll have taco salad instead of the shells)


Crispy Rosemary chicken quarters with home grown roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts


Hawaiian burgers and homemade coleslaw


Mushroom Swiss Chicken with green beans


Shepperd’s Pie ~ made with roasted/mashed butternut squash instead of potatoes and salad


Grilled chicken and veggies


Crock pot roast with home grown potatoes and carrots

Lots of chicken, but I had a lot of chicken quarters in the freezer from a great sale 2 weeks ago and chicken breasts were on sale this week.

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