You Can’t Organize Clutter

Cover of "Sink Reflections"
Cover of Sink Reflections

When I used to live in NYC I lived in a teeny tiny apartment and had next to nothing. Well, probably because I had no money back then, but things were pretty simple. Cleaning wasn’t so tough. Staying organized wasn’t so tough. Keeping things need and clutter free wasn’t so tough.

Fast forward 10 years ~ yeah I’ve been living in the same house now for 10 years. (huh, maybe that’s part of the problem. I used to move every 6 months ~ who wants to move a bunch of clutter?!?). Anyway, here I am 10 years later trying to get organized, but I’m surrounded by clutter.

My clutter issues:

  • Other people have given me a lot of my clutter. I feel guilty getting rid of things other people bought me ~ what will they think when the item is no longer cluttering my house?
  • I have a husband who keeps EVERYTHING!!!
  • I have no closets in this house. Literally there are 2 closets ~ one in our bedroom and one in Hanna’s. (and we rebuilt the upstairs and put those in when we did). I would love for everything to have a place and a place for everything, there just ain’t no place to put anything!

Well, there’s most of my good excuses laid out…

I recently was reading a blog (which has become one of my favorites) called Man Vs. Debt. This amazing family up and left their lives to go abroad and just travel travel travel. Oh did I mention they have an 18 month old? While this is interesting, what really got me when I was reading was they only own 144 things. TOTAL. ALL THEIR STUFF!!! Can you even imagine?

I looked around as I was reading that and then left the comment that I think I probably have 144 things on my DESK! He replied saying I really should think about getting rid of some stuff.

I tend to agree, but dang. How do you get rid of stuff? See what I mean. Here’s a look at my desk… I really don’t know what I could purge from this area ~ it all seems really important.

I’ve got Flylady’s books (both of them) Sink Reflections is the one I refer back to the most. I really like her methods because they are short and sweet and seem doable. My problem is what if all the STUFF I have isn’t stuff I can just throw away in a 27 fling boogie. How do I get rid of stuff when it seems like I need it all?

Hell if I know, but I’m going to be trying to figure that one out. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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